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Bhutan's Carbon Neutrality Journey

Today, as we gather at COP28 in Dubai, UAE, we come to unveil the captivating story of Bhutan's enduring Carbon Neutrality journey. Nestled in a fragile mountainous haven, Bhutan stands tall in the face of environmental challenges. Despite being land-locked and classified as a Least Developed Country, Bhutan remains unwavering in its resolve. Here, the impacts of climate change bear down disproportionately, with the potential for immeasurable economic and ecological loss—threatening lives and existence itself. Join us as we navigate the delicate equilibrium between sustainable development and our steadfast commitment to Carbon Neutrality and beyond.

Bhutan Pavilion: Sustaining Carbon Neutrality

We are excited to extend a warm invitation to you! Join us at the Bhutan Pavilion during the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) to explore Bhutan's unique perspective on sustaining carbon neutrality.

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eDNA technology revolutionising biodiversity monitoring in Bhutan

eDNA technology revolutionizes biodiversity monitoring in Bhutan. The genetic material shed by organisms into their environment is detected through a non-invasive and highly sensitive method. In the pilot study conducted last year, 42 samples were collected from 14 locations from which 325 unique taxa were identified including 131 mammals, 119 birds, 52 fish, 20 amphibians, and 3 reptiles.

The old biodiversity monitoring system poses a risk to the delicate ecosystem. However, the eDNA analysis can identify the presence of species through soil, water, or air samples. This initiative has set a benchmark where conservation activities provide real-time data, officials to make informed decisions, protect habitats, and preserve biodiversity. Such a system inspires other countries to create a non-disruptive system to report against their Global Biodiversity Framework targets.

Mountains and Bhutan

Covering nearly 24% of the earth’s land surface, the mountains are home to around 12% of the global population. The physical, biological, and human systems residing in the mountains as well as the adjacent lowlands even in the oceans have stood the test of time to face the consequences of climate change. Bhutan’s mountains also known as the Himalayan white gold are a rich repository of diverse flora, and fauna and are habitat to the indigenous people of the country. Furthermore, they provide goods and services ranging from fresh water, medicine, and bio-resources and create opportunities for spiritual renewal and well-being helping the economy of the nation.

The precarious nature of the Himalayas presents a disconcerting reality to the Himalayan counterparts. As the high snow peaks are melting at an alarming rate impacting the region with challenges never seen before, the infrastructure and communities are enduring risks of extreme weather like floods, landslides, and avalanches. The first-hand-collected testimony stands as experiences of the changes in the glaciers and the negative impacts on their livelihoods. The repercussions are faced by all directly or indirectly, therefore, the protection of Bhutan’s strong and susceptible mountains becomes a collective responsibility for all.

Bhutan Climate Fund

On December 04, 2023 at Bhutan Pavilion, Bhutan will announce the launch of Bhutan Climate Fund(BCF). The BCF is a government-led trust fund established to facilitate the transaction of high quality Certified Emission Credits(CERs) generated from one of the few carbon negative countries in the world. The BCF will enable and ensure the success of carbon market development in Bhutan and increase the viability of mitigation activities through the plough back of carbon revenue to project developers. The BCF will be Bhutan’s strategic financial resource to implement Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC). This will not only help sustain Bhutan’s carbon neutral commitment but also realize the sustainable development goals, raise environmental ambitions and decarbonize the economy.

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